One of The Most Prominent Dealer of Quality-Tested Bauxite Calcined, Calcined Clay, Petroleum Coke & Clay Minerals...

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One of The Most Prominent Dealer of Quality-Tested Bauxite Calcined, Calcined Clay, Petroleum Coke & Clay Minerals...

About Us

19 years is not a short span of time, it is enough to earn a good understanding of a domain. Our company, Western Ceramic Materials, has been working for such long period in the market as a proud manufacturer and wholesaler. Over the years, we have proven ourselves to be the best, shining bright in the competitive marketplace with the help of our quality focus and professionalism. The ethical way that we perform in the market when backed up with our compliance to international quality standards leads to complete satisfaction of our customers. To keep on providing them with great gratification, we work hard and bring forth a reliable assortment of Clay Minerals, Petroleum Coke, Bauxite Calcined, Calcined Clay, etc. Each of the products is carefully tested at our quality control lab, this enable us to identify discrepancies. Identifying them, we reject the product in question and only pass those offerings which meet the standards of the domain. This way, we only deliver customers with reliable products at all times. 

Our company assures that all the business activities are performed at a high speed. This speed is maintained consistently at optimum level to benefit customers. While maintaining the same, we focus on quality as well, no compromises are made to the quality of the product. 

Impressive Pricing Policy

Our company is famous for our industry leading pricing policy. This policy was carefully drafted by our expert management, which keeps on updating and improving the same time-to-time. The policy encourages cost-effective ways of working and dealing with clients. This allows us to lower the cost of our operations to the minimal resulting in a big profit margin. However, our focus has never been on profit maximization, we aim to lower our prices at an optimum level. Owing to this, we please our clients and earn their complete trust.

Why To Choose Us?

We have been working extremely hard to become a source from whom clients can avail the best Bauxite Calcined, Calcined Clay, Clay Minerals, etc. without any worries. Our company has succeed in doing so with the help of our impressive quality management system, procurement policy, massive production capacity and inventory control system. We are also trusted by customers for our:

  • Transparent Trading Policy
  • Swift Delivery Promises
  • Massive Experience of Domain
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